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Testosterone undecanoate represent an oil based steroid that comes in Undestor Testocaps. It is as fat absorbed through the small intestine into Undestor Testocaps the lymphatic system Bypassing the liver. Undestor Testocaps Being based short ester, testosterone undecanoate need frequent administration.

Undestor Testocaps Organon Action

Also a good fact about this drug is that estrogen related side effects rarely occur, testosterone undecanoate making a good choice for bodybuilders / Testosterone undecanoate athletes sensitive to water retention, fat gain and gynecomastia. As we said earlier it is mild to the liver too. In most cases Testosterone undecanoate is chosen in cutting cycles.Testosterone undecanoate has very low rate of side effects even when taken for a long period of time Undestor Testocaps.


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